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  • Tustana is amazing! I have been coming here with my 2 cane corso's (Italian Mastiffs) from the start. The staff has always been super friendly and helpful, and you can see that they are all big animal lovers and do not shy away from big dogs, as they do at many other locations. All of the staff at Tustana make my dogs feel as comfortable as possible, and the treat jars all around the office don't hurt either. So all of the standard things, such as routine puppy shots, fecal tests, microchipping, and exams run great here. The prices are reasonable, especially for the area. And they never mind throwing in a little extra, like trimming my puppies nails, maybe trying to get on his good size before he reaches his full 100lb+ size lol. Just like a friend, you see the true value when you get into a bind. How they treat you and your pet when they are in a bad situation really shows the true value. My dog Chopper (whom stays with me part time) got a horrible abscess on his neck while I was out the country. This thing was huge, and he was not very responsive at all. He ended up having a fever and being dehydrated, and lost 10lbs. I immediately rushed him to an after hours emergency facility, which off the bat charged me $2,500 for a 2 day stay when I brought him in, and quoted me another $3,000-$5,000 in order to remove the abscess. Crazy expensive! I called Tustana the next morning at opening and informed them of Chopper's status. They were able to squeeze him in that morning, so I rushed him over. We were helped by Dr. K, who is nothing short of amazing. He explained everything to us and made us feel very at ease, which was tough in this situation. He also worked with us on price, knowing how much we'd already shelled out. Let me tell you, it was less than half of the lowest quote from the other facility, and included follow up appointments. The next day when we came to pick up Chopper, he was like a night and day difference, super happy and energetic. He had sutures and a couple of tubes sticking out his neck, which was a little scary for us to see. Dr. K again explained everything to us about the procedure and homecare and made us feel very comfortable and didn't mind answering all of the questions us worried pet parents had. And also was very honest about everything, which we appreciated as we didn't want the sugar coated version. Although I had been here many times before for routine checkups for both of my dogs, you don't know how a veterinarian will be when it comes to emergency situations. Dr K and staff gave my dog amazing care before and after his emergency surgery, I couldn't have asked for more, and Chopper looks and feels a million times better. During the whole process, Dr K was very informative and has such a kind demeanor that put us at ease and made us feel our dog was in the best hands. Thank you Tustana for saving my dog! I am a customer for life!

    Carla E.

  • They were so gentle and loving with my ailing and elderly cat. This is my vet forever!

    Suzanne C.

  • 4.8 Google Rating