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*June 28,2019 Kimi The staff was SUPER helpful and friendly! Oh my gosh! And then Dr. K was ridiculously AWESOME! Oh my gosh! I’m in love with our new vet office! What a great experience. Everyone ACTUALLY CARES about the animals and they LIKE them! THANK YOU!

* ​July 19, 2019 Paula​   I can tell the entire staff really cares about the pets that come in. Very professional and kind. Your staff works long hours and still isn’t as chipper at the end of the day as they are at the beginning.

​​*Mar 10, 2019 Mickey   The staff are highly professional, listen to and hear your concerns, and treat your fury family members with compassion and care. The pets may be the patient but great care is shown to the pet parents. You can tell they truly love what they do.

​*Feb 28, 2019 Christie  I travel almost an hour to bring my dog to Tustana. The staff is great and Dr. K is nothing short of amazing. There’s no doubt veterinary medicine was a calling for Dr. K.

​*Feb 18, 2019 Paula     Dr. Hayter is awesome! He listened and made smart, practical and intelligent recommendations. I owned a farm have had lots of vets for all kinds of animals from pigs to puppies to horses and peacocks. I know when someone really cares. Thank you.

​*Jan 26, 2019 Anonymous  The staff and vet made us feel welcome and comfortable asking questions.

*Dec 14, 2018 Alyene   Always have a positive & timely experience at Tustana

*​Nov 15, 2018 Anonymous   Dr. K. is experienced and knowledgeable about his patients and their needs. He is patient and listens to the owner's concerns. The Tustana staff is always friendly and helpful. They treat my pets with kindness.

*Nov 12, 2018 Roxanne   I wish I could give you a higher rating because, as always, the care I received for my pets was above and beyond my expectations. On the other hand, this happens every single time I come to Tustana, so I really shouldn't be surprised!

​*Oct 15, 2018 Victoria  I love Dr. K and Alyssa! They are so loving, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and make a point to be personal.

​* Sep 30, 2018 Anonymous   Great service and friendly staff

​* Sep 22, 2018 Robert   Been a customer there for over 20 years.. very pleased with all services

* Aug 23, 2018 Mindy  ​Our dog Sasha gets so excited to see everyone the moment I pull into the parking lot. Thank you for being so kind. Every time someone walks out of the back Sasha knows their voice and her tail starts to wag. Deseree is such a sweetie. We love you all