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After several months of searching for a beagle to adopt for our son,  we found Lucky on the OC Animal Shelter website. She had been removed from her home for animal cruelty and was looking to find a new home.  After less than 5 minutes of our "meet and greet" my son had decided he wanted to take her home. 

A few days later we changed her name from her original name of Babs to Lucky. We felt that she was "lucky" to have a new home where she would be loved and treated the way she deserved, but we were even "luckier" to have found such a sweet, loving, and well-behaved dog!

Some of Lucky's favorite things:
* sun bathe in the dirt (especially after her bath!)
* sleep, sleep, and sleep!
* sniff everything on her walks!
* meet other dogs
* go for car rides (she enjoys the car ride to see Dr. K and the girls. They take such good care of her!)
* run around the yard with a empty water bottle

We have had Lucky for 4 1/2 years now and feel blessed to have her as a part of our family.


Pet of the Month

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