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​Get a Clean Start

on the New Year.

Receive $5.00 off baths during the month of January 

                                                                                        The Big Benefit of a Bath

The benefits of bathing goes way beyond making your pet smell good. While a bath removes dirt and debris it can also remove allergens and become a type of therapeutic treatment for your pet’s skin.

  • While being bathed your pets nails will be trimmed to prevent over growth and unfortunate nail trauma.
  • The ears will be cleaned and ear hair removed, this will help in the discovery and prevention of ear problems.
  • The anal glands will be expressed  which helps in prevention of impaction and unfortunate expression at home
  • The coat will be brushed and matting removed.  Helping to remove debris and visualize any topical parasite or skin conditions. Never use scissors to remove matts.
  • A shampoo will be selected for your pet’s needs. Ranging from a shampoo just to make your pet smell good all the way to shampoos with antibiotic and anti- fungal properties. .
  • Bathing is also a great time for training.  Having your pet sit still and follow directions.
  • If you bath your pet at home take a moment to make sure they are receiving the full benefit of the spa day.  If using therapeutic shampoos make sure you follow the instruction on the label and allow your pet to soak in the product. 

free, exam, veterinarian, Tustin


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