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        Flea Frenzy fact and Tick Topics too 


        Did You Know?


  1. A flea can jump 150X their own height.
  2. The flea diet consists of blood.
  3. Lap dogs where originally breed to distract fleas from their owners.
  4. Fleas can consume 15X their weight in a blood meal.
  5. There are fleas in the London Museum that are dressed in outfits.
  6. Fleas can transmit tapeworms to cats and dogs.
  7. Fleas can transmit the bubonic plague and typhus thru infected rats.
  8. In a heavy infestation fleas can cause anemia on their host.
  9. A female flea can lay about 2,000 eggs over the course of its life, but is incapable of laying eggs until after its first meal.​
  10. Once adult fleas emerge from their puparia, they have approximately 7 days to find a blood meal or they die.Your average flea will have a 2 to 3 month lifespan
  11. Ticks are arachnids, which means the are related to spiders.
  12. Ticks will take a blood meal from any mammal, including dogs, cats and humans. They will also feed on birds and reptiles. 
  13. Once a tick latches on they can feed for days on end. 
  14. Ticks are known for spreading disease, but did you know that if it is removed within 24 hours of latching on,the risk for disease is very low. 
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