Here we are once again! The holidays are upon us and a new year is staring at us down the nose. 2017 was a year that came in like a wet blanket, filling our dams with more water than they could handle and leaving us like a firestorm, literally!   As this year comes to an end, with all of its irony and tragedy we feel that is important to share some simple and amazing things that have happened to us this year.

            We want to thank all of our amazing clients for gifting us with food and drinks. I don’t know if you realize how much sugar and caffeine can do to provide the power for an amazing day at the animal hospital. For any and all of you that have brought us sweet treats, you should know that they are treasured and devoured as quickly as they come through the door. A true highlight for us was when Mrs. Brown gave us a gift of a Coffee Keurig machine. When a 10 hour shift begins or ends there is nothing like a trusty shot of a hot caffeinated beverage.

            Perhaps you have noticed the new faces, at the new computers, enjoying these treasured drinks. With the practice growing, our staff has grown as well. We also acquired a new ultrasound machine this year. This upgrade helps us give your pets the best medicine possible. We continue to strive year after year to make sure that you have the best and most hardworking people attending to your pets. In order to make sure they could do their jobs more efficiently new computers and equipment were in the order.  We are so proud of both our loyal staff and our new staff, and we are sure that you can see why we are so proud of them.

    Dr. K has had an exciting and thrilling year. Many of you already know that Dr. K is an adventurer and climber at heart.  This year he took an amazing trip to visit Nepal. Although, Mount Everest was not on his mountaineering list this year, just seeing it with his own eyes was an inspiration.  We know you miss him when he is not in the hospital, but I assure you he will take the time with each of you to share his adventuring stories, while he cares for your pets.

   One could not imagine that the fresh faced Dr. Walters celebrated his 10 year Veterinary school reunion this year.   But, once you and your pet have met Dr. Walters, his medicine shows his experience and knowledge.  Dr. Walters makes 10 years of experience look like 20 years.  Also Dr. Walters and his lovely wife adopted Lola, their poodle-westie, which is sometimes a “pestie” from the streets of Mexico this year.

     This year our rescue animal program has also expanded. We are grateful to be able to work side by side with so many great organizations. There is joy in seeing animals find homes that would otherwise be lost.  We also tried to do our part when the Canyon Fire Two ravaged Orange County. We graciously housed as many pets as we could to help both owners and pets alike.  

     This year we simply want to thank each of you for allowing and trusting us with your pets.  The belief you have in us and the love that you show us as caregivers for your precious family members is a gift in itself.   We want to wish each and every one of you, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and an amazing New Year. our paragraph

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